life motto

life motto

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Work Work Work.....

Damn a lot of assignments and Damn little people to handle it all up...

FHM 2009 come at the worst timing ever. Damn

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Disappointment, Chaos and Nothingness

Futsal last night was, well, a disappointment. May it be in terms of management or players lack of will power, we went down, bitterly in the semi-finals. But it's unbelievable that we lost, considering out training sessions as well as good teamwork. Another factor that's not helping our excuse in losing was that the previous match, we demolished another team with a 10-0 score! So, what's WRONG? =( Anyhow, it's over, we still got another 3rd placing match this coming Monday. And I do hope that we manage to play equally, cos I don't appreciate the first team getting all the action and losing the plot in the end. Here are some pictures when we trashed the 1st rounders 10-0.

Next came Chaos. Today's timetable and groupings announcement was HELL. Literally HELL. Brilliant idea from the Academic Office for trying to fit 200-300 students waiting eagerly for the outcome of their French Group placings and also their class groupings in a SMALL and TINY alley at the 2nd floor, above the reception area. People were pushing, people that smells, people that somehow ALWAYS step on your feet and USE it for leverage are among those who were there today. Great. Please enlighten me WHY did I pay RM11,500 for my blardy school fees to get this kind of SHIT.

Finally came nothingness. LOL. Yeap, you guessed it right. I've nothing interesting to report except that I'm gonna have my supper now. Anybody wanna join? =)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh the Monday Blues~~

Another boring Monday had almost past. Orientation had always been and will always be a tedious event. What's worse, French placement test was kinda easy. I used to 'pretend' on 'not-knowing-the-answer' for most exams, but this one, heh, it's vice versa. I actually have to fake it to pass where it matters most to me. I don't want advanced French classes...... >.<

However, I tried to make things more interesting by snapping another two pictures of my Transformers collection. Two of my favorites, Mixmaster and Rampage! These two are very well made and have loads of pose-ability due to its many articulation points. For example, Mixmaster's arms have FIVE articulation points!

Plus, I've confirmed my booking for EZ Collection Devastator set, the Ice-Cream truck Deluxe class, Swerve Deluxe class and finally, Long Haul Voyager class today. =)Can't wait to pick them up!

Unfortunately, Optimus Prime and Jetfire Leader class are out of my reach due to financial difficulties T.T



Tonight will also be interesting, Futsal Tournament starts! I sure hope we at least get through the semis and be able to play again on August 3rd, next Monday.

My jersey!

Lastly, I would like to let you all in a video clip on Luis in which I was accused by another colleague of mine of snoring so loudly. I redeemed myself with this clip. =P

Sorry Luis, I just advertised you LOL.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm Back?

Well, I think I'm back =P

The hiatus is being kept far too long. And now, I think I'm kinda free at the moment =)

College is starting tomorrow and guess what? There's no damn schedule! All of us don't even know what time are we supposed to be in college tomorrow.

Besides that, I've been working on my Transformers collection for sometime already =) Mostly are from the Transformers movie Part 1 and Part 2. Sorts of revived my Transformers fanaticism when I was a child. It still breaks my heart when my 'cousin' broke my Sixshot's leg and superglued it together so it can still stand up >.<

I'm not giving away anymore Transformers cos they are MINE!=P

Here are some Previews from my collection so far, will post them up again sometime soon. Below are the Twins, SKids (Green) and Mudflap (Orange).

Well, today I was rounding again around Amcorp and Pyramid trying to 'skodeng' for more releases of the Transformers ROTF toys, I ended up getting my own Birthday present =) A pair of Nike white/lime green shoes! My old pair, the Nike Free 7.0 is falling apart and one piece I've had left it in Genting Highlands two weeks ago =( Must have been at the Highlands Casino.

That's it for the 1st update in all these months. Hope to see more of me on my blog too. LOL.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Updates for the past one month....

Hie there again,

It's been a month, busy with exams and yeah, more exams. The worst part is it's the FINALS! It's the FINAL countdown..... So reminds me of that dramatic song XD

But, but, I'm finishing SOON! Like this Thursday! Then it's a 3 month break for me! I really need one.. XD

Yesterday was bullshit, car got jacked in, didn't noticed anything at first, cos the doors were locked. As I opened the door, my car interior was in a mess, like letting a baby run havoc in your car.. (-.-) Nothing gone, BUT, Jasmin lost her backpack. A black Nutrilite backpack. All her assignments and notes as well as her scientific and financial calculators, all GONE. The asses who did this must have thought it's a laptop bag and so coincidentally, it was HEAVY.. F**king smart ass buggers, took off, leaving my items in the boot untouched and instead, all the papers which is useless for them to loot. Idiots and Irresposible assholes, no forgiveness from me, mark my words, if I ever catch another son-of-a-bitch that did this again, I'm gonna beat the crap out of you and make sure your damned children won't recognise your f**cked-up face.

Sheesh, that sure let out some steam inside. Overall, I'm fine, and Jasmin too, after a period of time. Thanks Nick Foo and Vincent (Ass-Canceric Son of Mine) for efforts of helping. Appreciate that. Just don't let me get my hands on those SOBs..

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've been delaying this post for a while since the 19th of February, because I didn't have the time to post it up or I wasn't in the right mood. I feel this post is extra special as it's a momentuous day in my life, and I certainly don't want to ruin it in any other way.

Come 19th February 2009, I'm finally 'off' the shelves. Yes, I'm CONFIRMED to be dating Jasmin Lim. All those time before, when if you guys seen us together were just mere 'speculation'. Even some friends of mine and hers called up just to CONFIRM it again. XD. Haha. Is it so HARD to believe that me and her are seeing each other now?

A long going process i think, 5 months. None the less, a very fruitful one in my perspective. It was a long time coming. It wasn't easy for her to decide I guess. She really wants to make it work, and she needs time for a cool down period and all, and I respected her for that and I waited. Plus, on top of that she's damn straight forward to pin point my mistakes! It's a good thing ok? Some people just beat round the bush all day long and still haven't come up with a solution. She keeps saying I live in denial, I SO am NOT!

There I go, in denial again. LOL.

I also remembered she wanted to say yes on 14th February, but decided to postpone it to the 19th. If it was on the 14th, haha, I can do a 2 in 1 celebration yearly! XD She screwed me nicely for that!

*Just kidding Boo!*

I really hope we can go the distance, even though she's always skeptical that the future holds good things in store for us. As me being the optimistic one and she's the pessimist, you see now why we are meant to be together?


Lastly Boo, I really enjoyed that the time we spent together and you are very special and dear to me. I'll certainly make time for you, and hopefully you do that for me too, especially when your uni starts again. I'll understand if you are really busy ok? Don't force yourself. You'll always reign in my heart and no one can take that place, aite?

*wink wink*

I love you forever!

p/s: Finally can post this without the!

Friday, February 13, 2009

An Update at Last??

It has been 33 days exactly since my last post (>.<) Chinese New Year had came and gone, and soon it will be Valentine's Day. Now the Islam had forbid their believers to celebrate Valentine's Day as it is against their religion! What else could possibly happen then? =P

Now then, I had been sick mostly through out Chinese New Year, and yeah, it sucks. Kinda accurate though, that my zodiac predicts that I'm under an 'Illness Star' crap jack sh*t. Well, hopefully, the rest of the year would be good though.

*keeping fingers crossed*

I had been eating lots of food too! CNY cookies, syabu syabu, and a whole lot of other stuffs! I actually put on around 5kgs thanks to the good food XD

And I got a new phone! YIPPIE-KAI-YAY! Although it's not the phone that I was expecting to get, and PLUS, I was already impatient to wait any longer for it.

*It's funny that I'm patient for any other things, but not when I buy new toys T.T*

*And 'someone' was getting agitated due to the fact that I kept asking for her opinion on buying the phone now or later XD*

I got the Sony Ericsson G705. Good phone, although initial reviews claim that the phone have a lot of issues with the screen and software. I didn't experience such problems from the phone so far. Initially used as a 'smartphone' competitor, hence the code 'G' series, I don't find my phone that 'smart' after all. LOL. It's too normal to begin with. No Symbian OS or Windows OS too. Just a regular Sony Ericsson OS.

The W705 looks good too, but sorry, I can't wait any longer! So the PLUS points of this phone includes Wi-Fi and it's real flat. Camera is not too bad PLUS it has a flash! Down points? Only supplied with 1Gb M2 memory card. I was expecting at least a 2Gb M2 card. Internal storage memory is at 120mb! NICE~ Much better than the W902 that I was aiming all this while.

Ratings? 7.5 out of 10

As an end note, I think I'll just save up again to get that 'dastardly' W902.. I hope I can, and hopefully the price drops too! XD If not, a W910i would to just fine as well!

Over and out!